Welome to Project 1949!


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What is Project 1949?

Project 1949 is an independent private organization that brings together people for the promotion of innovation and leadership in the field of homeland security. Project 1949 provides a forum and mission of promoting disruptive thinking and change to National Security thinking. Project 1949 is built of the principles of promoting innovation, leadership, collaboration, and achieving results.

Project 1949 focuses on improving the:

+ Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets
+ Prevention & Responding to Terrorism
+ Protection & Promoting National Security
+ Insuring the resilience of government from violence, disasters, and other emergencies.
+ Development of Science, Technology, Theory & Organizational Structure to support the mission of "homeland security"

What types of people are a part of Project 1949?

Project 1949 involves dedicated professionals that promote the core values of Project 1949 and apply these values in the field of Homeland Security. Project 1949 works with everyone from Scientist, to Legislators and of course Law Enforcement personnel. If you play a role in the working of Homeland Security within the United States or Internationally then Project 1949 could involve you.

Project 1949 is always working to build a coalition of experts from the Public and Private Sectors including:

- Law Enforcement
- Intelligence Communities
- Legislative Affairs
- Emergency Management
- Legislative Offices
- Executive Offices
- Public Relations
- Protective Services
- Consulting
- Communications Engineers & Experts
- Equipment & Technology Manufacturers and Vendors
- Risk Management
- And other Homeland Security organizations

 The goal of Project1949 is to create a network of professionals involved in the field of homeland security that are dedicated to improving how the government executes it's operations in Homeland Security.

Project 1949 is currently working on a major proposal to provide a long over-due modernization overhaul of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Federal Protective Service.

In the year 1949 the United States Government and the world was coming of turbulent times from war and depression facing new threats to national security. The United States responded by developing the foundations for some of the best Agencies and Technology that we benefit from to this day.

Today is your chance to take part in blazing the trail of homeland security development for the future. That is why Project 1949 developed the "NexGen FPS" proposal to promote disruptive thinking and the development of the Federal Protective Service.